Observations During Days of 90-plus Degree Weather–in JUNE!

It’s been hot in Missouri…like for weeks, and it’s only June 20!  We’ve had days and days of over 90  degree temps and no rain.  We have a 40% chance of thunderstorms today, but watch.  That prediction will evaporate just like every other “possibility of showers or scattered thunderstorms.”

I use to hate the heat and humidity of late July and August in Missouri, but this year…early June?  C’mon.  It’s not fair.

But it is what it is, and we just have to wilt through it.  While wilting, I’ve made some observations about life in Mid-MO when it’s too damn hot way too early.

Nobody cares what they look like when they go to Walmart…or any other place, for that matter.  Forget it.  We prep and dress for comfort.  We walk into stores as if returning from battle, squinty-eyed with shiny faces and furrowed brows.  Don’t anybody…anybody…say a damn thing about how hot it is.

Most of us over 40 have learned to wear loose clothing, and that includes underwear, which for some has become optional.  Footwear, too, is nice and easy…flip flops, old sneakers, well-worn leather sandals…anything that will accommodate puffy toes as the day wears on.

Hair?  If you don’t have any, wear a hat.  Otherwise, nobody cares what their hair looks like.  A cool pair of sunglasses solves any hair issues.  Period.

Birds enjoy pool parties.  I took a large ceramic plant saucer, stuck a couple of rocks in it and added water.  I thought the birds might get thirsty.  They do…as do the squirrels and bees.  It’s become a community watering hole.  Robins are especially uninhibited when it comes to splashing about.  I’m never quick enough to capture any of the action, but here’s the fun place to be in my neighborhood.  Oh, yeah, they poop in , too, and then drink the water.


Early morning is a sacred time.  I’ve always thought so no matter what the season, but it’s especially true when you face a continual forecast of over 90 degrees and no rain.

In the early mornings, just as the light of dawn begins to stretch its arms, the birds sing and the air is breathable for a while.  I think of this as the big pause, a bit of time to remember that there is a January and February in our future and we will look back on the suffering heat with nostalgia.

Every type of mosquito and tick loves me.  That’s why I slather up and down with non-Deet and Deet products to keep the biting critters at bay…all the while wondering what all these chemicals are doing to me and the environment.  Honestly, it doesn’t matter.  I have to wear sunscreen and bug repellent in order to exist on this planet. Without them I will rip my skin to shreds with constant itching.

My neighborhood is a ghost town during the day.  The employed go to their jobs and students go to summer school or camp as I religiously water garden areas each morning.  But once past 9 a.m. or so, the streets are pretty much deserted except for an occasional dog walker, bicyclist or home security sales representative knocking on doors.

It gets pretty quiet by 1 p.m. and it’s not unusual for the squirrels to shut down in shade somewhere by 2 p.m. on days when the temperature gets over 95.  Birds continue to flit around in the heat all day long though, which is one reason I change the water in the bird bath two or three times a day.

I could exist entirely on watermelon and cantaloupe.  Well, maybe a bit of wine or a beer now and then, too.

N.B. –  We had a terrific rain this evening  with a bit of lightning and thunder.  It lasted into the next morning.