Gun Violence in America: Anybody Up for a Labor Day Weekend March in DC?

Wed. June 22, 2016

Well, well, well.  We’re seeing some action in DC thanks to Congressman John Lewis.  As I type, he is leading a sit-in on the house floor to force the need for government action on gun violence in the U.S.

Congressman Lewis and sit-in
source:  Politico

We need to join him.

We need to select a date and then drive, fly, bike or walk to DC and join him.

We need to rise up with millions of voices and say, “Enough!”

We need to join hands and walk in solidarity for all the innocents and their families and friends.

We need to publicly shame the NRA and manufacturers of military assault style weapons marketed for private citizens.

We need to insist on stricter regulations that will protect gun owners and non-owners alike.

We need to break the stronghold money has over our government.

We need to remember that we are supposed to be a government for the people by the people.

We need to take action to be a government for the people by the people.

We are so damn tired of grieving every damn day.

We can and must be the change.

We have done it before.

We can do it again.

We can vote, we can speak, we can write, we can pray, we can march and we can sit.

Oh, say…can you see…millions marching on DC this Labor Day weekend to demand that our elected officials take action on the issue of gun violence?

We need an organization to sponsor the march and move forward to organize it.

Any takers?