Trump’s Run for President – It’s Like a Reality Show

Over the past several months, some media sources have referred to Donald Trump’s campaign as a reality show.  He’s an expert, having had years of experience with his show “The Apprentice.”

I agree.  I haven’t been able to disengage much from the headlines, quotes and speculations.  Truly, it’s like I wake up each morning thinking, “Now what?”  That’s what reality shows do.

So I wrote a humorous rant for  It’s titled: “Welcome to Our Trumped Up Presidential Reality Show”… and here it is:


TRUMP: Let’s Protest Him Out of the Race

I am so very proud of the folks in Kansas City who raised their voices in protest of Donald Trump’s candidacy for president of the United States.  Seeds were planted in Chicago when Trump postponed his rally on Friday because of safety concerns raised when fights between supporters and demonstrators broke out. Good move.

When I woke up this morning I read that protestors showed up at Trump’s Kansas City rally and some disrupted his speech.  Outside, there were verbal clashes between protesters and supporters and the police used pepper spray a few times.  Interesting.

It’s all getting plenty of press and air time, and why not?  Protestors have ended wars, taken down walls, secured people’s rights, toppled dictators, and made people around the world more conscious of numerous factors that threaten life on this planet as we know it.

So, duh, protestors can (and I hope will) stop Trump.   Anyone who does not support Trump is hereby invited to gather peacefully wherever he is scheduled to appear.  Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, independents, the walking dead – all of us.  Just gather and hold signs.  No need to disrupt gatherings.  Just show up.  Be present.  Hold a sign in silent protest…or if you’re like me and can’t shut up about this idiotic, Hitler-like candidate, go ahead and exercise your right of free speech by stating two simple words:  “No Trump.”

And if you live far from where Trump is giving a speech or having a rally, organize locally and hold your own “No Trump” demonstrations.

We can do this, people!  The world is counting on us to do so! Believe me, they don’t want millions of Americans immigrating to their countries because of our refusal to live under a Trump regime.

Let’s applaud and join the anti-Trump protestors, refrain from disruptions and violence, and make the No Trump Movement happen!  Let’s combine the teachings of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and simply force Trump out of the race by protesting him out of the race.

From New York City to Hartsburg, Missouri (with a population of 106), we can gather, we can hold “No Trump” signs in protest, and we can ensure that Donald Trump is not on the ticket as the 2016 Republican candidate for President of the United States.

Let’s put democracy to work.  Let’s create the No Trump Movement and exercise our right to peacefully protest.  I promise you, the world will thank us.

Trump Ticked Me Off

I watched President Obama’s TV broadcast about terrorism last night.  Of course, with Donald Trump always barking his venom during campaign speeches, I was curious to find out what he had to say about Obama’s 20 minute message.

He tweeted, “Is that all there is?  We need a new president – FAST!”

So of course I shuffled around half the morning muttering a response to myself and finally put it into words.  It was published by as a rant.

Read it here.


Been Busy With Some Commentary at

Found a place where I can take some of my musings and snarky commentary:

Yesterday’s submission had to do with drones.  Yes, I have a few issues with them.   Click on the word  drones” and you’ll get to the piece.

Today I submitted commentary on the black athletes’ refusal to practice or play until University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe resigned.  He did.  So what do we do with all the continued racial unrest on university campuses?  Demand that university officials fix it?    Well, that’s one idea.

As I write in “Administrators Can’t Fix The Problems That Plague MIZZOU,” there’s more to be done than just make demands.

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Thank you, Jesus! I finally heard Donald Trump referred to as a bully on national TV…by a Republican political consultant.

A deep bow of gratitude to Mindy Finn, who was interviewed yesterday as television news analysts continued the entertaining babble that consumes the media about “The Summer of Trump” and his appeal to so many Americans. She actually called him a bully, and my head is spinning as to why I haven’t heard this term used to describe him sooner…much, much sooner…like the day he announced his candidacy.

Not only did Finn call Trump a bully, she referred to him as “dangerous,”….”like an abusive boyfriend” as she talked about people being attracted his outsider image. In summary, she said the trend was “troubling.”

Troubling, indeed. I’m not a political junkie, and overall, I’m ignorant about American politics. I was dreading the months and months of political posturing, media analysis, and television ads prior to the 2016 presidential election. This year it’s different, thanks to The Bully. Admittedly, I sit open mouthed watching the brashness of his bully personality and his rants filled with exaggerated venom.

I keep asking myself, could this be the Republican nominee for President of the United States? Is that even possible? And then in my fantasy world, The Bully goes on “Meet the Press” and at the end of the broadcast he says, “Just kidding. I’m not really running for president,” and he walks off the set. Yeah…in my dreams.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping my options open, just like I did when Sarah Palin was the vice presidential candidate and I had nightmares about John McCain being elected and then dying of a heart attack and Palin taking the oath of office to lead our country. I was ready to defect…to jump ship and beg Canadian officials to take in this grandma refugee. I was pretty sure I could get a job busing tables somewhere.

If, by some weird twist in the universe of absurd American politics, The Bully ends up being the Republican nominee for President of the United States, I’m going online to google “friendly, fairly democratic country for low income elderly speakers of English. ”

But that ain’t gonna happen. Right? Right?

The Donald Is Leading in the Polls

Like so many others, I’m a bit mystified. Donald Trump is leading in the Republican polls? Really??

News analysts explain why and I say to myself, “Well…okay…but do these Americans real want this entity to be President of the United States? For real?” Apparently plenty do.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the idea of Trump hobnobbing with heads of state from around the world is a little scary. Yeah, Trump is loud and abrasive, but not only that, look at his nonverbals. Oy!  All that gesturing…arms flying here and there…shoulders doing push-ups…hands twisting in the air…pursed lips punctuating his proclamations…eyes changing from beady slits to marbles, eyebrows wriggling up and down uncontrollably. And he thinks the leaders of the world will take him seriously? Well, we all have dreams.

Trump is a wealthy entrepreneur, right? If you’re gonna be one of those, you can’t be a wimp. No steadied rhetoric, measured pauses, meaningful glances for him. This billionaire candidate subscribes to the Bully Strategy. Why not? It’s been working for centuries around the world, and many Americans are raising their beers, waiving their guns, and shouting, “Hell, yeah, man! Way to go!”

Trump is not to be ignored…just like a train wreck is not to be ignored. Personally, I can hardly wait for the first Republican debate. Talk about entertainment. I’m stocking up: wine, cheese, crackers, wine, hummus, falafel chips, wine, carrot sticks, olives, wine and a cheeseburger aptly nicknamed “The Don.”

I’m sure the debate will be informative. I’m sure millions of Americans who have never watched a presidential debate will tune in. I hope so. This is not to be missed.


Been dreading the 2016 election…or rather the endless “news” about various candidates, how much money they have to spend, sound bites from their announcements and speeches, etc.  And then Trump pipes up.  Seriously???  We have to  be exposed to his egotistical rants again???  Over and over and over??? Oh yeah…right.  It’s a free country and anyone can run for president…especially if he/she is rich enough and loud enough.

Oh…I get it.  He’s setting himself set up as the comic relief of this tragic excuse of a democratic process.

I, for one, am so weary of our election process and the fact that it’s a purchased endeavor…in more ways than one.

Thank goodness for the one brutally honest and authentic voice in the crowd:  Bernie.

He has my attention.