Trump’s Run for President – It’s Like a Reality Show

Over the past several months, some media sources have referred to Donald Trump’s campaign as a reality show.  He’s an expert, having had years of experience with his show “The Apprentice.”

I agree.  I haven’t been able to disengage much from the headlines, quotes and speculations.  Truly, it’s like I wake up each morning thinking, “Now what?”  That’s what reality shows do.

So I wrote a humorous rant for  It’s titled: “Welcome to Our Trumped Up Presidential Reality Show”… and here it is:


Ready to Help Train Trump?

All throughout the election process, I’ve been taken aback by so many people’s adoration of a man I am convinced is not the kind of role model we need for our children and grandchildren.

Sure, I understand the appeal of some of his messages and his promises, but the character and personality of Donald Trump still rubs me the wrong way.

In thinking, “What are we gonna do about this guy?” I came up with a plan to train Trump and shared it in a rant on

Training Trump: We’re Gonna Need Some Help With This One



Yeah…I Wear a Safety Pin

As soon as I read of the safety pin as a symbol of safety, I was on board.  Maybe it was impulsive, but I needed to latch onto something meaningful after learning Donald Trump would be our president-elect.


So I’ve been wearing my pin and sorting through what it means to me.  I’ve read pieces online shouting that safety pins aren’t enough.  Of course, they aren’t.  Pin wearers know that.  We aren’t idiots.  This backlash bothered me, but it also made me think harder about what the safety pin means to me and why I’ve committed to wear it for as long as I believe is necessary.

I wrote the following for to explain what the safety pin means to me.

About Those Damn Safety Pins…










Been Busy With Some Commentary at

Found a place where I can take some of my musings and snarky commentary:

Yesterday’s submission had to do with drones.  Yes, I have a few issues with them.   Click on the word  drones” and you’ll get to the piece.

Today I submitted commentary on the black athletes’ refusal to practice or play until University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe resigned.  He did.  So what do we do with all the continued racial unrest on university campuses?  Demand that university officials fix it?    Well, that’s one idea.

As I write in “Administrators Can’t Fix The Problems That Plague MIZZOU,” there’s more to be done than just make demands.

Other commentary includes pieces on:

consensual sex    “Yes, no, maybe.  A Young Man’s Pass to Consensual Sex”

Donald Trump    “Our Winer on the Roof Needs a New Song”

Donald Trump    “Not Morally Obligated, Donald?”

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