Been dreading the 2016 election…or rather the endless “news” about various candidates, how much money they have to spend, sound bites from their announcements and speeches, etc.  And then Trump pipes up.  Seriously???  We have to  be exposed to his egotistical rants again???  Over and over and over??? Oh yeah…right.  It’s a free country and anyone can run for president…especially if he/she is rich enough and loud enough.

Oh…I get it.  He’s setting himself set up as the comic relief of this tragic excuse of a democratic process.

I, for one, am so weary of our election process and the fact that it’s a purchased endeavor…in more ways than one.

Thank goodness for the one brutally honest and authentic voice in the crowd:  Bernie.

He has my attention.

Back to the Blog

Far too long…much of life and procrastination has gotten in the way.  This blog still exists, so I plan to resume it and be a bit more active.  Time is getting short….musings, angst, and humor to share.

Be well,


Got My Social Security Card…

Received my “Welcome to Social Security” letter with card a few days ago.   What a disappointment.  It’s just a paper card stock thing.  Well, I suppose that saves on costs.  If it were plastic the Republicans would have something else to complain about.

Will have to sort through information coming in in the weeks ahead since I turn 65 March 2.    Something tells me I’m not looking forward to this new chapter of my life.

How Many Servings???

Another idiot product ploy.  Nestle’s rich milk chocolate hot cocoa mix…the container says “Makes 39 Servings.”  Why 39?  What’s wrong with making it an even 40?  There’s certainly room in the container.  Makes no sense to me.

Idiot Lipstick Ad

Saw an ad for lipstick in O magazine yesterday.  It was the usual and it offered a coupon for $2 off a purchase.  Then I spotted a whimsy tag:  “Try all 68 colors.”    Really?    What idiot marketing exec approved that wording in the ad?  Are there any females on the planet who would even consider trying all 68 colors?  How many people these days can afford to try even three colors?  Ridiculous capitalistic advertising.

There’s Something Familiar About Lewis Black

Okay, so I’m a little late in joining the Lewis Black admiration society.  Previous to my recent reading of I’m Dreaming of a Black Christmas, I might have seen him a few times providing commentary on TV, and I know I caught one of his routines on the Comedy Channel and thought to myself, “This guy’s gonna have a heart attack if he doesn’t take it down a notch.”

As most of us know, it’s one thing to watch a comedy routine, but reading someone’s book is naturally a more intimate experience.  Thank goodness.

Lewis, thanks for holding up a mirror and showing us  parts of ourselves that are just plain ridiculous.  And thanks for expressing frustrations and outrage with words we all say inside our heads, but are sometimes hesitant to voice.  Personally, I’m not a fan of the “F” word, but when you write it or say it, I find myself nodding my head and smiling.   I”m a “shit” person myself.  It seems to fit the moment, escapes my mouth before I know it’s there, and I’ve never understood why it’s viewed as being so offensive.  It’s just another word for “poop.”

Anyway, thanks for being familiar and letting us experience part of life lived vicariously through you.   Rant on.  Make us think and maybe even wake up a bit to the idiocy around us.  And a special thanks for your latest book.  At times I laughed so hard my eyes watered; at other times you touched my heart gently.

If you’re ever in Columbia, Missouri – a great college town, by the way – my husband and I extend to you an open invitation for dinner and wine. Well, the invite really just comes from me, but he thinks you’re familiar, too.