Found a place where I can take some of my musings and snarky commentary:

Yesterday’s submission had to do with drones.  Yes, I have a few issues with them.   Click on the word  drones” and you’ll get to the piece.

Today I submitted commentary on the black athletes’ refusal to practice or play until University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe resigned.  He did.  So what do we do with all the continued racial unrest on university campuses?  Demand that university officials fix it?    Well, that’s one idea.

As I write in “Administrators Can’t Fix The Problems That Plague MIZZOU,” there’s more to be done than just make demands.

Other commentary includes pieces on:

consensual sex    “Yes, no, maybe.  A Young Man’s Pass to Consensual Sex”

Donald Trump    “Our Winer on the Roof Needs a New Song”

Donald Trump    “Not Morally Obligated, Donald?”

Presidential Elections   “Presidential Elections Take Too Damn Long”

Hilary Clinton     “Good Move, Hillary!    Clinton Takes On Drug Companies And Their Outrageous Prices”

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