Thank you, Jesus! I finally heard Donald Trump referred to as a bully on national TV…by a Republican political consultant.

A deep bow of gratitude to Mindy Finn, who was interviewed yesterday as television news analysts continued the entertaining babble that consumes the media about “The Summer of Trump” and his appeal to so many Americans. She actually called him a bully, and my head is spinning as to why I haven’t heard this term used to describe him sooner…much, much sooner…like the day he announced his candidacy.

Not only did Finn call Trump a bully, she referred to him as “dangerous,”….”like an abusive boyfriend” as she talked about people being attracted his outsider image. In summary, she said the trend was “troubling.”

Troubling, indeed. I’m not a political junkie, and overall, I’m ignorant about American politics. I was dreading the months and months of political posturing, media analysis, and television ads prior to the 2016 presidential election. This year it’s different, thanks to The Bully. Admittedly, I sit open mouthed watching the brashness of his bully personality and his rants filled with exaggerated venom.

I keep asking myself, could this be the Republican nominee for President of the United States? Is that even possible? And then in my fantasy world, The Bully goes on “Meet the Press” and at the end of the broadcast he says, “Just kidding. I’m not really running for president,” and he walks off the set. Yeah…in my dreams.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping my options open, just like I did when Sarah Palin was the vice presidential candidate and I had nightmares about John McCain being elected and then dying of a heart attack and Palin taking the oath of office to lead our country. I was ready to defect…to jump ship and beg Canadian officials to take in this grandma refugee. I was pretty sure I could get a job busing tables somewhere.

If, by some weird twist in the universe of absurd American politics, The Bully ends up being the Republican nominee for President of the United States, I’m going online to google “friendly, fairly democratic country for low income elderly speakers of English. ”

But that ain’t gonna happen. Right? Right?

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