During my whole life, there have been only two cookies I craved: Toll House chocolate chip cookies made by my mom and Oreos. Over the years, the Toll House cookies have never changed unless a baker decided to fiddle with the classic recipe on her/his own. However, I’ve seen Oreos introduced in various costumes…double-stuffed, mint, Halloween orange, vanilla wafer…and who knows what else. I stopped trying to keep track because my love affair with Oreos has been and will always be with the original. Until now, maybe.

The other day I saw a display of Oreo Thins and my heart skipped a beat. I stood transfixed at the display, but I resisted reaching out and grabbing five packages. My 89-year-old mother was with me, and she would never understand an obsession with a manufactured cookie.

What can I say? There is something about the chocolate wafer of an Oreo that sets my taste buds flashing. It’s probably some hideous chemical that would eventually rot my brain if I ate too many, but I admit to an Oreo binge from time to time over the years. Some folks love the cream center, but I’ve always loved the wafer…the deep chocolate flavor that melts in my mouth after dunking the disk in cold milk.

I rarely buy them because I have no discipline. Once the package is open, it doesn’t last long. Six hours tops. It’s great if I have someone with whom I can gorge on the Oreos, but that’s rare. It used to be a grandchild until we learned that she has an allergy to wheat. Friends my age seem to have outgrown the lure. But not me.

Now we have Oreo Thins and I am delighted. Thinner is better. Less cream and more chocolate wafer taste. I’ll have to plan my first purchase carefully to make sure I have some other Oreo fans with me to share the latest version of an American favorite. I’m too old to handle Oreo binges by myself anymore.

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