One news item on NPR this morning was about the U.S. spying on Japan and how Japanese officials had not yet responded.  I find it difficult to consider this particularly new news.  I mean, isn’t everybody spying on everybody else?  At least that’s my impression of life on this planet now that we’re all blanketed by cyberspace and connected in enough ways to endanger our mental health, physical health, and our ability to carry on a normal conversation using voices, not texts or tweets.

What the hell.  I’m just an aging boomer who really doesn’t care who’s spying on whom.  To me it’s just a given.  There is no more privacy.  It bothered me at first, but then I thought, “So what,” which I’m sure raises the ire of millions who want to protect their freedoms and privacy, but I no longer care.

I figure that I’m being watched all the time, so I just better get used to it.  Not that I’m a person of any particular interest, like a potential terrorist or identify thief.  Nope.  I’m just your average online shopper, online news headline skimmer and online dating alum.  I’m drifting toward Planet Elderly, so  I’m not going to waste my remaining days/months/years on this big blue marble worrying about who knows where I eat, what I buy, what movies and television shows I watch, my preferred music genres, who I argue with, my email conversations or my Facebook shares, likes, and comments.  None of it.

If the spying cyber powers that be choose to witness the agony of my next colonoscopy prep, so be it.  I could care less.  If traffic cameras record me as I lip sync to Barbra Streisand with wild abandon, fine.  If the cameras in stores want to watch my every move, I feel sorry for anyone watching me try on bathing suits.  It ain’t a pretty sight.  Should such video footage find its way onto YouTube without my permission, I’ll sue and become rich.  And I really don’t care if anyone has access to any phone numbers I’ve called in all my 68 years.

I am content giving up privacy because I want the powers and principalities to have ways to identify predators, thieves, rapists, potential terrorists, drug dealers, incompetent teachers, abusive babysitters and nannies, police behaving illegally, politicians behaving badly, religious leaders living lies, people not picking up dog poop…all of it.  I know, I know.  So many unsavory types can also spy on everyone.  That’s unfortunate, but that’s reality.

The U.S. has been spying on Japan.  Does anyone think Japan has not been spying on the U.S.?  Please.  What country isn’t spying?  It’s a simple question.  I’m just curious.  And I still don’t care.


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