Like so many others, I’m a bit mystified. Donald Trump is leading in the Republican polls? Really??

News analysts explain why and I say to myself, “Well…okay…but do these Americans real want this entity to be President of the United States? For real?” Apparently plenty do.

I don’t know about anyone else, but the idea of Trump hobnobbing with heads of state from around the world is a little scary. Yeah, Trump is loud and abrasive, but not only that, look at his nonverbals. Oy!  All that gesturing…arms flying here and there…shoulders doing push-ups…hands twisting in the air…pursed lips punctuating his proclamations…eyes changing from beady slits to marbles, eyebrows wriggling up and down uncontrollably. And he thinks the leaders of the world will take him seriously? Well, we all have dreams.

Trump is a wealthy entrepreneur, right? If you’re gonna be one of those, you can’t be a wimp. No steadied rhetoric, measured pauses, meaningful glances for him. This billionaire candidate subscribes to the Bully Strategy. Why not? It’s been working for centuries around the world, and many Americans are raising their beers, waiving their guns, and shouting, “Hell, yeah, man! Way to go!”

Trump is not to be ignored…just like a train wreck is not to be ignored. Personally, I can hardly wait for the first Republican debate. Talk about entertainment. I’m stocking up: wine, cheese, crackers, wine, hummus, falafel chips, wine, carrot sticks, olives, wine and a cheeseburger aptly nicknamed “The Don.”

I’m sure the debate will be informative. I’m sure millions of Americans who have never watched a presidential debate will tune in. I hope so. This is not to be missed.

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